Glamping Gear

Let me start by saying that I really love getting outdoors and exploring the diverse natural beauty around me. But it’s no secret nature and I have a love/hate relationship. We aren’t exactly BFFs per say but we like to see each other out from time-to-time for a few drinks.

That being said, I was filled with both excitement and dread when I found out we would be spending two days camping at Ginnie Springs in High Springs, Florida celebrating a dear friend’s 25th birthday. Like real camping…in a tent…with sleeping bags. Insert screaming emoji here.

I did what any respectable city girl would and consulted the all-knowing Pintrest for a list of supplies and sucked it up while I packed up my monogramed garnet and gold duffle. I highly suggest using the carefully curated lists of fellow Pinners who camp regularly (and love to color code apparently) but I’m here to supply you with an official list of glamping supplies overlooked on said lists. These are subtle additions you can make to your haul without looking like a woods-hating witch.



  1. Wine*. So much wine. Red, white, pink, champs; you name it and I had it.
  2. A stylish cup WITH A LID. The lid is crucial to keeping bugs out because bees are also wineos as I quickly learned.
  3. Rainboots are great for tromping around carefree without ruining your pedicure.
  4. Camo, flannel and then some. Embrace the fact you’re stuck in the woods and then enhance with all the lumberjack fashion you’ve always wanted to rock but have never had the opportunity to. Fake it ‘till you make it!
  5. While you’re at it, pick up some more wine.
  6. An all-natural bug spray. Camping aroma therapy?
  7. Dry shampoo or a arsenal of great hats.

Glamping outfit sample, when in Rome. #flawless

All in all, Ginnie and the surrounding springs were breathtaking enough to keep me distracted. The facilities at the campsites were top notch and as much as I like to exaggerate, it would be unfair to say I really had to rough it. *A side note, the land is privately owned so we were allowed to have alcohol- however public parks do not allow drinking. Remember that fun fact when planning your next outdoors adventure.

Click here for a very amateur video of one of the caves.

Enjoy some unprofessional but untouched pictures (ignore the time and date stamp) and email me with any questions you have about the park or how my friends put up with me!


Nighttime at the springs.


The bubbles on the left is air being pushed up from hundreds of miles below the springs.


I thought I was snorkeling deep into caves but judging from all the pictures, I barely made it in.

meets river

The dark abyss off in the distance is the river meeting the springs. It’s completely clear and then BAM, blackness. Super eerie.

last photo

See ya later, G Springs.

Enjoy some unprofessional pictures (ignore the time and date stamp) and email me with any questions you have about the park or how my friends put up with me!



I am unreasonably pale by Floridan standards because I rarely make it over to the beach, so sue me. I love being out on the water boating, fishing, and snorkeling (among other things) but you will rarely find me basking in the rays of the sun. Why?
1. Because I don’t have the attention span to be tan (to you kids who can sit still for more than 15 minutes, I salute you).
2. I value the elasticity of my skin.
3. Past skin cancer scares have rearranged my priorities.
Needless to say trips to the beach are short and sweet and typically lead to adult beverages somewhere on the waterfront. Therefore I pack lightly while being mindful I may end up in public afterwards.
May I present to you my essentials for a mini-day at the beach:
Long sleeves– I also wear a loose long sleeve dress or shirt to make sure when I’m ready to get out of the sun, I really can cover myself up. I tend to choose flowing shapes made with light fabrics which dry quickly and don’t feel like I’m wrapping myself up in a wool sweater.
Sporty suits– I have to keep moving when I’m seaside so my swimsuit needs to keep me and my lovely lady lumps contained. Awkward tan lines aren’t a concern since it is practically a miracle if I can even get one.
T-strap sandals– Contrary to popular belief, flip-flops are not choice footwear in the sand. They have a tendency to flip sand on the back of your legs so something more secure like a t-strap can help avoid this little nuisance. “Toes in the water, ass [covered] in the sand” is more of a mindset than I lifestyle. #floridaproblems
Tote and towel– This should be a no brainer however it is a known fact that guys refuse to bring towels to the beach claiming they will just sit in the sand but SPOILER ALERT: they will just hog yours.
Hat and sunglasses– I WISH upon a star nightly that floppy straw hats will someday look good on me but until that day comes I’m stuck with your average baseball hat and if that’s my plight I may as well slap my monogram on it. For those of you thinking of skipping the hat, it will come in handy for those post-beach drinks when your hair looks less “seaside chic” and more “windblown rat’s nest.”
The key to sunglasses is that they fit under my hat. I adore oversized shades but they don’t mesh well with the hat bill. These mirror aviators are everything to me right now and are major for staring at the hairy man in the speedo without getting caught.
Not pictured:
Deck sound system– Very handy dandy and connects with up to five Bluetooth devices so you and your friends can fight over control the music.
Sunscreen– SO. MUCH. SUNSCREEN. My current go-to is Neutrogena Beach Defense (anything over SPF 30 and always in lotion form) for my body, COOLA tinted matte SPF 30 for my face (evens skin tone, not greasy, and organic…need I say more), and Baby Lips in “Cherry Me” because your pucker matters too dang it!
Activities– Paddleball, nerf guns, sandcastle building tools, whatever.
And there you have it, packing for the beach like a true Floridan.